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still cannot get built-in download manager to work IE10

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I still cannot get the built-in download manager to work in IE10. Does it have something to do with Active X controls or a registry setting?


It works fine with IE9. But when I click on "view downloads" in the Tools section of IE10 nothing happens. Also when I try and download anything nothing happens. But with IE9 everything is good.


So why does the Microsoft download manager work with IE9 but with IE10 I cannot even access the view downloads section and cannot even download anything?


Is there a registry setting that is the problem? Or is there an active X issue?


Also I did reformat. For the seventh time. It did not fix the problem.


Thank you in advance for any solutions.

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ensure ie is closed. press windows key+r, then type “iexplore -extoff” (no quotes)


this loads ie in safe mode. once it's open, try downloading again and note what occurs.

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I reverted back to IE9. Everything works perfectly.


Is there a difference between IE9 and IE10?


With IE10 the download manager did not work. I could not download anything except I could utilizing an external manager.


It would not work in Safe Mode either.


Shockwave Player failed to load and initialize.


Lots of Active X errors (especially with Active X controls not loading). I could not fix the problem.


And it was a lot slower than IE9. Sometimes pages would not load or would not fully load.


With IE9 everything loads perfectly. No Active X errors and the Flash and Shockwave Players work perfectly.


Is there that big of a difference between IE9 and IE10?


I don't understand why one version works perfectly and the higher version is slower and lots of errors.

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