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Last Man Standing OC Competition

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Hey guys!


There was no Forum Wars at TRP this year, sadly, but we're running a smaller competition starting April 2nd. I thought some of you might be interested... It's called Last Man Standing and there will be 4 benchmarks over a 2 week period. Join us if you have time, we'd be glad to have you!


More info here





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C'mon guys! This is PCP. You guys used to have a complete forum wars team! Come and show us you can still do this kind of stuff! :mrgreen:



I'll be there!!







Well you better, old man! :P

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A lot of things has happened to a lot of lives just in this "ONE" part of pcpitstop "Custom PCs,Case mods,overclocking"!!!



People here FOUGHT their butts off to get this 10 years ago.............YES ....a..decade......there would be NO forum wars without PCPITSTOP! Yep no TRP.

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