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I had to install and uninstall this a few times to get my head round what was going on, initially it appears to be a useful tool, may still be as well, BUT, given what this tool is supposed to do, I find it alarming that it installs and changes (only if allowed obviously) your search engine, it changed mine from Google to Yahoo, and there was NO obvious warning about this, it also wanted to change my home page to MyStart, possibly considered as unsafeunwanted software, although the ability to stop the home page from being changed, there was no other obvious details.


I'm guessing your note above about extras is referring to these unwanted items, what is not clear is what these "unwanted" items are, there are only 2 options to allowdisallow, MyStart is clearly obvious, to those that know of it anyway, BUT, the other option calls itself an Anti-phishing Domain Advisor, and on the face of it that appears to be something you would want, and would assume is part of the same program, but it's not, it's a program on it's own, and it's the one that appears to change the search engine without notice or request (hence your note probably), as installing without that does not do this, so the average user would probably install this thinking it was good and a part of the program.


Looking deeper into this part of the install, it would appear to be good, as it comes back as "Visicom Media Anti-Phishing Domain Advisor (Powered by Panda Security)" which seems to suggest it's good, but a search shows a post on Panda saying it is not, at least not as they would say "Powered" by them, but they do say it uses their list of sites, but there is much talk about it, so on the face of it this seems a useful tool, BUT, given what this is supposed to do, I find it quite alarming that it uses the same underhand tactics to install software, which is the type of software it is built to remove, a bit of double standards me thinks, I'm not saying this is one to avoid, but I would want to hear what the Pro's have to say on it first.

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