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suse 12.3 user ready?

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There and update finally that fixes vsftpd in 12.3. It was released on April 8 but I didn't notice it till now. So, no need now to use factory version and it only took about a month. :tup:



openSUSE-2013-337 - vsftpd: relax sandboxing to fix feature regressionsvsftpd confinement was too strict and adjusted to fix some lacking functionality:* drop CLONE_NEWPID from clone to enable audit system* unconditionally enable fcntl with F_SETFL* this enabled a sendto on /dev/log socket when syslog is enabledReferences:786024 (bugzilla) : vsftpd broken: audit_log_acct_message() failed: Operation not permitted812406 (bugzilla) : vsftpd dies on attemt to download file

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