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i have the att GS2 with factory 4.0.4 ICS. my phone randompy gets the "sleep of death" and i have to take out battery to reboot phone. when it reboots i loose 10% of battery life.


i have looked this problem up and many people are rooting and flashing to a new rom.


at this point im not do for an upgrade so i would like to know what is the best and easiest way to root my phone and the best "Jellybean" rom for my phone.


also like to know where to backup everything, contacts mainly before hand.


thanks guys

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First up...if it's still under warranty, and it's not rooted, take it back.


For root guide:


http://androidforums.com/galaxy-s2-t-all-things-root/ (that's for AT&T), make sure you use the correct one for your carrier!)


If you want ROMS, have a look on XDA developers:





Go for stable 4.1.x roms not 4.2 as they are built on leaked code that didn't include stock kernel, so they are still considered beta at the moment. Cyanogenmod are usually good roms.

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Super late on this but all GS2 any carrier has that issue i have seen. Phone will eventually just never turn on man. No root fixed any of my friends phones and I had a bunch of customers with this issue

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Cuz, I'm now using my wife's olg GS2(i777) like yours, and it's rock stable on CM10.1 w/a custom kernel. If you want details on how to root+rom, lemme know.

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