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Sim City 5


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Quite like the simcity series ...... was going to get this untill I saw the price of the full UK version £65 , then found out it had to be full on line just for DRM .....masses of server issues right from the off ....and it seems as though the retail release is almost a buggy beta ....and the games seems incomplete ...which also looks like its set up for micropayments to sort out the missing content .


I sometimes play 10 year old sim 4 rush hour if I'm in the mood ....Whats the bet EA will terminate the servers in around 3 years as they have done with a whole host of other titles ....


Might wait a year or two ...and see ......certainly there would have to be at least a 75% price drop


looks pretty


Anyone got it ?



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i bought it on release day. the servers had been kind of iffy for the first few days, but that was to be expected by any experienced gamer.


as to my opinion of the game itself, i'll refrain from expressing it until i've had a chance to play it more. i've been away on vacation with my wife for our anniversary and haven't had much chance to play. i can confirm, however, that it does look pretty.

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ty :)




well, after playing it a while i'll give my verdict: it's about an 8/10.


i think sim city 4 was definitely the best of the franchise so far, and is better than the new sim city by a little bit. the main reason for this is that the city sizes in the new one are smaller, and i love to build up huge cities and i really like to connect cities together to create even more massive cities. there is connection in the new one, but it's a bit different; it's more spread out and distinctly separate.


there are definite improvements (beside the obvious graphics which are quite nice). i like the use of resources, the great works, the additions to important buildings for which you must make choices, and the gifting among the cities in a region. there are more, but that's a cliff notes version.


for the record, i'd give sim city 4 w/ the xpac a 9.5/10 (.5 deducted for stability issues on non-xp computers that never really got resolved)




in all, the new sim city is fun, addictive, and definitely something i'm glad i purchased. i don't know if the $60 price tag is the right price for it, i'm thinking $40 is better, but one pays a premium to get something on release day.




edit: forgot to add: since the first two days i haven't had a single issue with the servers. it seems they resolved those quite quickly.

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I still try to play sc4 now and again. Though the longest I've managed to keep a session w/out crashing is about 2 hours on my quad core W7 rig. The game just simply freaks out.


There are a LOAD of features in the new SC that I really wanted, but I can't swallow that price. Hopefully I'll catch a half off sale!

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