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Windows has recovered from a serious error


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If Windows XP restarts because of a serious error, the Windows Error Reporting tool prompts you to report the problem to Microsoft for troubleshooting purposes. Windows may prompt you to report this information every time that you restart the computer, even if no error occurred during the previous session. After this problem begins to occur, you are prompted to send the information after every restart, even if you do not send the information.This problem occurs because after a Minidump file is written, the paging file continues to have a flag set that indicates that a Minidump file must be written. To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Windows XP.
You can solve this problem by recreating the pagefile.
Click start
Right click My Computer
Click Properties
On the advanced tab,in the Performance section click settings
In the virtual memory section,click change
For paging file size for selected drive,click no paging file,and then click set
Click yes after the following warning appears
If the paging file on volume x: has an initial size of less than xx megabytes then the system my not be able to create a debugging information file if a STOP error occurs. Continue anyway.
Click system managed size
Click OK four times,and then restart the computer when you are prompted.
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