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Formatting a hard drive with a Dell XP Pro disc on a Dell laptop

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My friend brought me her dell latitude D610 to look at because her laptop would only boot to the screen safe mode safe mode with prompt and safe mode with networking and use last known good configuration or boot windows normally.


My friend said she tried to install or update an antivirus program called avast which automatically updates itself, and that's when the boot problem started


I tried to do a simple delete partition and format of the C: drive with my dell xp pro disc and format never went past 0%


So I tried to use my dell xp pro disc to do a repair but that didn't work. So I tried to do FIXBOOT and FIXMBR in the console option but neither one helped.


I have been trying to format the C: on the dell latitude D610 laptop for 2 hours using my dell xp pro disc her laptop only has an 80 GB hard drive and the format process has only reached 2%. I think she has a core duo processor with 2 GB memory.


I have heard that there's a free software program to zero hard drives. does anyone think that would help? I don't know what program to use though to zero the hard drive.


I think also that maybe the hard drive is bad, because I did a chkdsk and there was an error stating that the drive was unrecoverable


Please help


Thanks in advance



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I tried the Dell Diagnostic test and after start DSI short test Test results =Fail it says unit 0: IDE status failed error code 1000-0146 status byte = 64 controlCode = 1 msg = No additional sense information


after the Dell Diagnostic test I found the hard drive was bad


I'll tell my neighbor she needs another hard drive

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The Dell Latitude D610 laptop I'm working on has an IDE hard drive


The newegg link above is for a sata hard drive


But thanks anyway

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