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PS4 anyone?

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So Sony announce the PS4...looks like it should be out for Japan & US end of 2013 - But us in the UK & Europe will have to wait until 'early 2014' :angry:


Initial specs look impressive, still no peak at the actual console though and it's lack of support for PS3 games could be a deal breaker.



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I truly like how Consoles are evolving, The Wii seems to have had the most market share suggesting that games family fun oriented are more popular over common fps.


It is possible ps4 will get pass that 50% threshold, The reasoning, Pricing may decrease, Social media features.


Going by the Wii statistics, It's not about system component power, It's to entertain the younger majority while mom and dad are busy.

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strange business choice ...legacy is an instant market


I think there are darker forces afoot here.


MS & Sony are out to kill the 2nd hand games market. They failed in the courts to stop the sale of second hand games, stating EULA violations.


Sony (This is only rumor) have bought an online /cloud based gaming company and are looking to provide access to all previous titles for PS1,2&3 via cloud access which will require a PS account. You will then have to register the games you own on the cloud system and you will then be able to play them online.


This means that if you then sell the game on and the buyer tries to register it, they won't be able to.

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and they wonder why people pirate software...




I can understand why the PS4 and Xbox720 can not run the older games as the new architecture prevents this (like trying to run 16bit software on a 64bit machine), but technology in the form of virtualization and emulation already exists and it would not take a giant leap to incorporate this technology into the new consoles allowing backwards compatibility. The will to do it is just not there.

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I really doubt that the ps4 could emulate ps3 games. haven't seen a stable one on pc yet. there's literally hardware chips no longer present that prevent running the old games, it's not just a simple switch from 16 to 64 bit code. and the games they do offer online that would be part of the 'second hand market' are only 5-10 bux. why buy a bummed disc that might play for another 6 months vs buying it for the same price in digital form and have the future possibility to play it on multiple devices? if you intend to buy hard copies of games to play them awhile then trade or sell them, subscribe to a rental service.


even when they do have a handle on large scale live game streaming, they will still have to overcome the bandwidth and latency requirements of offering a service over multiple countries. Then here in the states you'll also have to contend with data caps >.<


personally, i won't be buying a ps4 simply based on price, and the fact the last console I bought was the ps2, and I only have like 2 games for it to this day, lol.

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consoles are mainly for kids and those that can't afford a decent computer. that's my opinion, anyway.



Nah...I love my PS3, it's my Blu Ray player, media streamer, use it for playing cd's, and occasionally I might play Need for Speed or FIFA2012.


My PC is for work, internet, video editing - I never see it as a gaming machine. To me that's what these consoles do.


Each to their own though. I'm not a 'gamer'.

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any true "gamer" ,regardless of age, will tell you they own both a pc and a console, after all some of the best games are on pc and some are on a console.

a console also has the advantage of playing against each other when a mate or two pops round, without them having to lug their pc's with them. :laughing:



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*casts master level 80 thread resurrection spell*

Had mine for a couple of weeks now, I don't think the UI is any better, if anything I find it more cluttered and a tad slower cause it loads a lot of stuff from the cloud. Old one felt more organized but whatever, it's a nice system and glad it can download updates while suspended. Game suspend will be another nice feature once it's released.

If nothing else, it's certainly more streamlined than PC gaming while boasting very similar visuals in a much smaller and quieter package.

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