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44kb/s To 33kb/s But Why?

Guest pietro

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I have a 56k USR modem with Windows XP and was getting average bandwidths of 44kb/s with the pitstop tests. Recently, though I'm not sure when, it has dropped to 33 kb/sec.


I thought my ISP was limiting me but I installed another ISP's connection and the speed was the same.


I tried several of the software applications "guaranteed to increase your connection by 300%" Luckily they have trials 'cos they all either did nothing or made it slower.


My modem is set at 115200 and I usually get a phone connection of 50.6kb/sec.


Does anyone please have any ideas?

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First, lower the max speed to 57600 and try the following init string: S32-34


If that doesnt work, try S32=98


I ve posted this many times before...with dial up, connecting at higher speeds is not always better. Reason is, when you connect at high speeds and you have poor line conditions or a bad modem ... the modem will keep on retracting to a lower speed and then try to retreive the original speed and this cycle will go on forever and really slow down or completely kill your connection. So sometimes its better to force your modem to connect at slower speeds where it will not retract and you will get more stable downloads/uploads that way.

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Thanks for the reply. I increased to 115200 after I noticed the problem so that didn't cause it. Bu I will lower it again and try the strings.


However I notice that sometimes the strings are posted with a dash in front eg -S32=98. Which is correct? And it is an = sign before the last number?

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