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Is this a virus

drew shepherd

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Hi all,

We have just moved house, packed up computer which was working fine, got into new house unpacked pc booted up.... PC seemed to take am unusual amount of time to load and was extremely slow.... Rebooted it and had two lines of messages instead of the bios usual message can't remember what it actually said but was along the lines of BIOS may be corrupted. Dies this sound like a virus, which one is it likely to be, is it solvable or is system now just a large paper weight.

Thanks in advance


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Drew, more info will help...

What brand of PC?

What Operating System?

What EXACTLY does the message say?

Have you tried taking the cover/side panel off and checking the connections to the hard drive, and from power supply to the motherboard?

Have you tried installing a new CMOS battery? (small, flat, about the size of a quarter) You can pick one up at Walmart or any drug store...

Have you taken a can of compressed air and blown out the dust bunnies? (canned air available at Walmart/Kmrt/Best Buy also)






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