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'How To Get Another Year Of PC Matic For Free' query


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Hi All,


I received an email from PC Pitstop on 12th January entitled 'How To Get Another Year Of PC Matic For Free'. By following the steps suggested and then attaching screenshots of these actions to an email reply, I was supposed to get 'up to a year's extension. I've done this twice now but my license date hasn't changed. Any suggestions?


Thanks for your help.



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If you just received the email on January 12th you will need to wait a while longer while the extension is processed.


This disclaimer should be in the "fine print" at the bottom of the email:


"All subscription extensions will be distributed monthly within 30 days from the close of the previous months referral purchases along with an email confirmation."


Let us know if at the end of 30 days the extension is still not showing. Thank you for participating in our promotion. :tup:

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