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Fresh Install Of SuSE 12.2 - Setup Advice Needed


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Hi all,


After my first fully committed foray into the world of Linux, I think before I get in to deep I need to go back to square one, learned a few lessons on the way and do a fresh install


Downloading full version of 12.2 as we speak and will install it off a usb stick.


My question is around the initial setups of the hard drives:


I have a 160gb ssd and 2 * 1tb drives.


My current install is:


/dev/sdg1 - Has the OS & 2gb Swap space

/dev/sdg2/home - 1tb for home


This means the spare 120gb on the ssd and the other 1tb drive have to be mounted before use.


What is the best setup so that the OS & Swap stay on the ssd but both hardrives are in use without having to mount the 3rd drive? (I'm not worried about the 120gb on the SSD, I can mount as needed).

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Well I would not put swap on the SSD.


I would do


/ on the SSD


swap 2GB on another drive.


/home using the rest of the space on the same drive as the swap partion


Mount the last drive as /storage or whatever name tickles your fancy and set it as mountable by user and to mount at boot.


Then once your system is up and running you won't have to worry about swap constantly hitting the SSD, you will have a separate home and storage partition so that you never have to lose any data.


Just my opinion but I would also recommend using KDE and not gnome, but that is just my personal preference.

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Well new install went like a dream - No more penguins dancing in the snow on the login screen!


Have the partitions set up just as I wanted with the advice provided...now to get everything else loaded and my backup data loaded!!



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Having issues with the additional drive:


Set it up as mount point - " /additional" and mount at boot and mountable by user (In Fstab) but I can only access the drive as superuser. I would really like it to behave as a 'normal' drive where I can drag/drop files and also have mediatomb access it to share media files.


What settings am I missing??



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You can change the permissions in a few ways, menu, system, file manager super user mode, right click, the drive, select properties then permissions, change the three settings to Can view and modify content. Or you can do it Yast partitioning.

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one of my setups was something similar to yours nigsy, but what i did was put both / and home on my ssd with 1gb partitions on each 1tb hard drive for swap then mirrored(raid1) the rest of the space on the 1tb drives and mounted it as data, that way i always had a backup copy of my data files.


then i moved my data folders like video, music, etc onto the data partition and linked them back to the home partition on the ssd.


i think doing it that way i had the fastest setup possible (not that you'd notice any difference in real world terms by just putting home on a 1tb drive in my opinion.) with all my programs and user settings on the ssd along with the better data security raid1 offered without having to worry about running any backup scripts/routines.


of course i change my setup quite often for 1 reason or another and at the moment all my tb drives are in my mythtv box and the only thing on my system now is my 60GB ssd (don't remember who said that wasn't big enough for a os drive, but they were wrong. :laughing: ).


saving up for some new 2tb hard drives so i can re-arrange my setups again, the 4x 1Tb drives i own and in my mythtv box aren't enough for my storage and backup needs. :rofl3:



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