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Sync your images across Dropbox,Facebook and Google +.

Arun Singh

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CloudAnd.me is service that can sync all your images from Google+ and Facebook into the Dropbox. Even you can sync all Dropbox image to Google + and Facebook. Similarly you can sync Facebook image into the Google + or Google + image to the Facebook according to your setting. This makes backup of all images for safety. It can remove Duplicate image and it has special Folder called As Master Folder which sync all HD images across Facebook and Google +. Not only it sync your Google + album but it also sync your Blogger image if you have Google blog because it sync your Picasa images.


How to sync your images accros Dropbox,Facebook and Google +.


Step 1: Now Go to CloudAnd.me and Login with your Facebook account. After that connect your Facebook account, Google + account and Dropbox account.



Step 2 : After connecting all account press next Button. Now you have to select sync setting. Like which Album you want to sync and which image you want to share with other social network. After all setting press Next option.


Step 3 : Now you have to select Max Dropbox folder size you can set size to unlimited or fixed size. Then press Next option.


Wait for sum time after that you can see a Folder in your Dropbox account with name CloudAnd.me it will have all your Facebook and Google + images.


source : http://techofy.blogs...oxfacebook.html

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Ive connected my drop box, sky drive ,and google drive, through astro file manager




If you sign up (free) to astro file manager you also get a free 15gb boxcloud as well

Think I've now got close to 30gb of free cloud drive


It puts all your cloud drives and e mail in one place ....its my fav freebie app

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