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Restore Windows 7 on Restart?


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Hi Guy I am new to this forum, I am looking for a program i can install on my Family computer, I have two little ones and each time they find their way to the computer they manage to download anything and everything on there. What im looking for is something that will essentially restore my computer to a previous session once its restarts, so any changes the little ones make will be gone and the computer restore to previous State.. My friend Told me about a program calle Deep Freeze, has anyone ever used it OR other programs that will do the same or better. Any advice would be awesome. I want to go buy it on saturday on my day off. So i have few days to Decide.


Thanks in advance :)

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Look, I'm not trying to be a tool here, but there is an app you can use to prevent the kiddies from accessing the PC without permission. You don't even have to download it, and it's completely free.

It's called being a parent.

Sheesh! I don't want to rant too hard here, because you seem to be genuinely looking for help, but what the hell ever happened to parents setting down rules for rugrats that must be obeyed? You are "Daddy". That is like "God" to a little kid.

I work in a restaurant, and I see people letting their brats throw sodas against the walls, scream and yell, and run all over the place.

When I was a kid (yes, I am an old fart :) ), if me or my brothers acted up in a restaurant, my Dad would tell the server to pack our food to go, and then we'd get a good spanking once we got home.

You are Daddy! You tell the kids they can go on the PC when Daddy is there to watch them. Duh.


But you did ask for help, so I think there is a program called NetNanny or something like that which can restrict the sites children are able to access. I think Windows XP or 7 had something called Restore Points, but it's much easier to just be a father and set rules for the kids.


Just my humble opinion, peace out.

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Hahaha. Sorry. But just loved the way KurtBleach replied. Although there is a truth to his post. However if you are concerned to having protected your computer even when you are on it maybe because you might have installed the wrong program or messed around with it, then it is best to have some sort of protection.


However the restore points found in the Windows operating system I would not trust it completely. It does save you on occassions but that would only be for the system files I would guarantee about the personal data. Since you have already heard of Deep Freeze, then you should look for something called the Windows Steady State although I would not go for it as Windows does not support it any more. Another and a better alternative would be Rollback Rx, it does more than what you are looking for, but hey one always deserves the better. Give it a try and there are tutorials on youtube on how to use it.


And do keep your kids on a watch. Cheers

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