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Well, not sure if anybody remembers me, but I used to be on here quite a bit about 5 or 6 years ago, I did the theme song for the 2006 Forum Warz, have been out of the PC game for a while but am probably putting a budget build together soon since tax time approaches!


Probably going to be a $600 system as I am not the money splurging enthusiast I used to be.....


My last build was an Opteron 1.8 dual core overclocked to 3Ghz with a s4*t ton of goodies, and 7800GT's in SLI and had about $2k in that system in 2005 maybe? Anyways, now days the cheapest build out there with a $70 video card walks all over that thing so it is just sitting in the closet collecting dust, and am now using a Pentium e5800 Dell ($399 special over a year ago) with an HD6670 in it, does okay for the free to play stuff, but good games do NOT fair well....


I am now thinking about going with an A10 5800k on an A75 board and pairing it with the 6670 I already have. I know this is not an optimal setup, but I am seeing people run the games I want to play such as BF3 and Crysis 2 at very playable setting on 1080P display ( will be using a 40" LCD)


Just a note, I am considering using my old OCZ Modstream 720w PSU from my old rig, thoughts on that? Also, may re-use the NZXT Nemesis Elite case too!!! hahaha, anybody remember that one?


Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!!


Glad to be back!!

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My only question would be why are you planing to buy an apu when you also plan on buying a discrete card?


Not buying the discrete card, already have it, so would save some money on the graphics end of things by running dual graphics....


I am thinking...


A10 5800k on

ASrock Extreme3 A75 board


Also adding in my current HD6670 for dual graphics( my card is a DDR3 variant, and have yet to find an answer as to whether DDR3 vs DDR5 on the add-in card effects the performance since APU itself uses system RAM?)

My other options could be (if the money is there) Getting a discrete 7770 or 7850, in which case, the APU doesn't make since as stated... I would then likely get the FX-6300, although my power needs will increase a great deal when overclocking.


I know whwere AMD stands right now, but am not prepaired to spend the extra money on unlocked i5, and I want to overclock also... I do it for the performance gains of course, but it is also a hobby...

In graphics heavy games, the FPS of an overclocked AMD verses Intel entry chips do not show a big enough gap to cover the price difference. Of course single threading the intel is superior, but with everything headed towards multi threading, I think AMD is still in decent shape...


Other than that:

2x4GB of any 1866+ DDR3 in the sub $50 range (Would like to hit 2400MHz+ if I go the APU route as it GREATLY improves FPS and bandwidth, even with the latency increases from raised timings.


As far as the storage goes, I would love to get an SSD, but was really wanting more space per $, even though the performance is night and day compared to SATA, I am the type to store lots of videos and pictures as I have three kids and lots of family albums, not to mention all my music. 300GB would be a minimum for me.. especially since games are running 10+ GB now.


Also, I will either be using my old OCZ GameXtreme 700W PSU or getting a Corsair CX500 builder series for cheap (or something price equivelant, SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!!)

The OCZ will cover my needs, but it is a little overkill on the 3.3v and 5v rails (36 and 30a), and is 18a on each of the 12v rails. From what I can tell, the old OCZ is not quite balanced out for what new systems call for.


All input is greatly appriciated!!!

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The psu should run your stuff fine.


But i did not know you could run a discrete w/ an onboard graphics in a hybrid sli way. Learning new stuff = win lol


And your ssd idea, you don't put EVERYTHING on them (unless you can afford the prices). You just load the o/s and programs and maybe some/all games. Your files like pictures and what not will be on a secondary mechanical drive.

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I will probably use my old PSU if it's still working, probably need to get the cob webs out!


I will probably use a 500-1TB mechanical drive and put more money in the horse power. I know load times greatly improve, but gives no help to FPS per my knowledge.....


As far as dual graphics with the APU: it works like crossfire, the A10 uses the 7660D iGP which is comparable to a 6670DDR3, or 6570DDR5, it can be paired with any 64-67** series card in "dual-graphics" mode, they do not refer to it as crossfire, but it uses the same technology and driver implementation to make it work. With CPU horsepower of today (even on a not so hefty A10/FX-4) crossfire and sli systems are showing 90% performance increases with dual cards in any game that utilizes it, and the only popular game I have seen that doesn't is Batman Arkham City. I remember adding an extra card to my old 7900GT just to get a 25% increase, they have come SO far!

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I think you'd be better served to go w/an older 1090 or 1100T w/a CM Hyper 212 Evo and discrete card. Your psu should be fine and as far as storage goes, you can get a 1Tb HGST(Hitachi) hdd for about $60. It's a great drive and performs well.

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I think you'd be better served to go w/an older 1090 or 1100T w/a CM Hyper 212 Evo and discrete card. Your psu should be fine and as far as storage goes, you can get a 1Tb HGST(Hitachi) hdd for about $60. It's a great drive and performs well.


I actually thought about going with an 1100T because even though they don't do quite as well with memory bandwidth, they certainly still show as good of processing power as the new gen of processors(faster in some cases), problem is, you can't find them new, and used, they cost the same.... most reviews show the processing power between the x6 1100t and the fx-6300 to be neck and neck, and the FX clocks to 4.5+ pretty easily on stock cooling, and people usually get 4.8 on the EVO, 5+ on cheap water systems, or by disabling 2 cores (pointless in my opinion to disable 2 cores to get a few hundred MHz unless you're just having fun)....


I agree totally on the 1TB drive for $60, you just can't beat that much storage for the price, and these SATA drives destroy my old school satas, even in RAID. I would consider a decently priced 80-120GB SSD for the OS and games as mentioned, and adding some cheap SATA storage drive(s) though.


Is there a good low cost case anyone could suggest? I'm not sure I am ready to go old school with my old Nemesis cae, it was an awesome case in it's day, but the window, blue cathodes, and "Optimus Prime" facia thing seems to be out these days...


I had these in mind....


Cooler Master HAF 912:



Raidmax Atlas






Thermaltake V4


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I had looked at the 912 but then another case went on sale so i passed on it.


Also, looking at mechanical drives, I'd recommend the 1 gig or better 7200.14 from seagate. They use the new 1 gig platters and actually keep pace with the wd raptors on several things. Personally wouldn't get a hitachi since they were bought out by wd and assimilated.

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What's really impressive about the new cases, is the fact that most of them are painted inside now (WTH were they thinking before??), also, there seems to be an open area directly behind the CPU now so that aftermarket coolers can be added without the need to tear your system apart, I used to HATE that. But what is probably the best part, is what they have done for cable management. Mounting the PSU at the bottom not only lets it draw complete fresh air (***remember your 80% efficiency is only guaranteed at certain temps in a power supply***), but you can now run the cables through the back side of the motherboard and really make it neat in there. It seemed with my old case no matter how neat I tried to go, there was always going to be some cable clutter.


I love the way man invents things..... first the car, THEN we get a normal bicycle with a chain...... then we go to the moon, then we invent an in home electric waffle maker (which over 20+ years George Foreman slowly changes into this multi-facited burger, hot dog, cassadia, pancake, grilled chicken cooking, calorie busting, lose the drip pan every 6 months and get a whole new unit, $39.95 kitchen eyesore),then the...... SHAM WOW!!!! LMAO Now we have cable management in computer cases.... But as soon as we get cable management, it seems case windows are going out, HAHAHA

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