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I've performed a full scan twice and received the "Congratulations" message both times; however, according to my dashboard results, nothing appears fixed. In fact, after the 2nd scan, my ranking decreased from bottom 35% to 31%. I've downloaded the manual and read that I'm supposed to hit an icon that says "fix all."


Here are my questions:

Where is the "FIX ALL" icon?

From the "Fixes/Adivces" icon on the dashboard, how do I actually perform the recommendations given?

Also, according to the manual, the Dashboard Icon Legend can be accessed from the blue question mark icon that appears in the middle of the dashboard. I do not see this icon. Where is this question mark icon?


Very frustrated with how user UN-friendly this product is!

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Finally figured out that "FIX ALL" will only work if the "AUTO SCAN" option ISN'T checked in my settings. I've performed two "auto scans" and one "auato fix," yet my ranking is still in the bottom 30%? Is PC Matic even fixing anything? Shouldn't my PC's ranking go up after three scans?

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Going from the bottom 35% to the bottom 31% is an improvement. ;) What type of hardware are you running? Having antiquated hardware and expecting PC Matic to make it run like brand new stuff isn't gonna happen...;)

Throw down a link to a PIT Test, see the "How To" below /






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The fragmentation is probably in the Windows 8 restore points. Try turning off System Restore (you will lose all restore points), then run the defrag a couple of times and check the defrag percentage, then turn System Restore back on and manually create a new restore point.


The recommendation for the Adobe Reader is to get rid of it and go with something else, like the free Foxit PDF reader:



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Thank you for explaining that going from 35% to 31% is an improvement. But after my third scan, my ranking went from the bottom 31% to the bottom 38%. The only red indicators on my dashboard are "Junk files test" and "Frag analysis test."


My computer is an HP laptop Pavilion (2008) with AMD processor (64 x2 dual core processor)/ memory is 2 GB. The reason I downloaded PC Matic was because the laptop is running slow and freezes frequently. I've performed two 'auto scans' and one 'fix all,' and have not noticed any improvement with these problems. I'm not sure what to do. I do not have any games or other software that take up a lot of space or memory loaded on the laptop. I really only use it to surf the Internet and basic personal computing. I don't expect the laptop to run like brand new, but considering what I use it for, I really expected to see some improvement.

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