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Long time no see! im back with a new build?

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Hey guys, long time no see! Its been a while. I must say, have not been here since 2009! wow lol, im married with 2 kids now. thats crazy.. anyways, i started checking out the pc market again. As im typing this on my Intel P4 2.93ghz with 1gb ram and a ide HD on integrated grapihics. its so fasttt!! wooh just got done beating crysis 2. lol joke!


No ive been looking in the market alot now! Newegg mainly, looked all through amd and intel. I was a big AMD fan, and now it seems intel is doing so good with there cpu's. Anyways, after alot of reading and checking out the newer games. Thats it for me. Ive got to build a new system!!


And after about 300 reviews, and 400 newegg shopping cart changes later -


Obviously the only smart thing to do would be, get a Intel i5 3570K. So, i found one for $175 shipped new in the box! yess!!!


Ok so, the CPU will be here tomorrow from ups. And, im ordering these friday! Im looking for this to be a HTPC, although, a fast one! im on a strict budget of these next few parts at $305 out the door. as, thats all thats in my paypal account lol. And i dont get paid until monday.


No video card yet, one coming within the next week or so! And another gskill 8 gb stick to match the current one for dual channel support. I can only afford 8gb at the moment, but i want to have 16gigs soon. And do not want to be limited with 8gb dual channel because the motherboard only has 2 dimms. So thinking smart, and ahead of the curve.


Im looking to really play games like crysis, BF3, COD, and Metro 2033. All of these games look really great. I want to max them all out of course with no hessitation. Im using a 1680/1050 monitor. Im guessing the 7950, or 7850, or 7870. Should have no issues with that. Not to up to date on the nvidia cards yet. Im looking to spend about $200-$250 on a video card, and it needs a HDMI output. Im going to use the HD4000 for now integrated on my i5 3570k


So what do you guys think?











Memory 8GB Stick


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Why did you decide on a "mini" case & board?

Just curious as I've never put together a mini powerhouse.


The only suggestion I have is my preference to go with a Gigabyte or Asus mobo, and may want to find a beefier power supply to push one of those cards and get a good steady OC going throughout.


Of course, if you aren't opposed to a larger case & mobo, twin cards in Sli will play those games you mentioned beautifully. ;)


Welcome back, btw, always good to see returning members diving right in again. :tup:


:) Y

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Well, im looking to build a small form factor because its little, light, and WiFi built in on it, i can carry it right in the living room, hook it up hdmi and play on a 360 controller if i want to, or watch a movie.


From what ive read the psu seems strong enough under load. with a 7850,or 7870 i wont draw anymore than 330watts i think.


Ive got a big case already, thermal take armor. its a full tower, its just the front panel is missing. i don't know where to get a replacement for it.


I guess i want something thats a little bigger than a video game console. But about 10-20 times more powerful, im planning to overclock about 4ghz to 4.2ghz on my i5 3570k. Just a little boost, nothing serious. Heat is a really big issue with these case. The airflow is ok inside the mini itx case. although i hear stock fans are really crappy. Replacing those can make a great deal better in cooling.


Im using a p4 intel, so should be day and night.

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Yeah, excited man, very blown away at the performance you get for the money now days....


It does kind of make you wonder has the laggy console gaming industry slowed things down on our end? I mean, I remember the xbox 360 dropping in 2005, it's been 7 years, they are still selling this thing, and still having to port high end games to it. You can tell drastic differences of course, but either way, you gotta wonder are they holding us back?


I am planning on a $600 budget, and though it will not be a beast, it will run any game at 40+ on 1080P with med-high settings, I remember struggling to keep my rig up to par in 2005..... dropping $350 on an x850xt, then Oblivion makes it useless, then comes the 7900, and it's okay until Crysis, so on and so forth, had a lot of cash tied into my old system, and it wasn't future proof in the least bit...

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Seems like back in the day the performance jumps from Athlon XP to 64 were huge, then the X2/Opteron KILLED everything in it's day when overclocked, then the X4 and X6 architectures made a major jump for AMD, now things are slowing down again?


Also, Intel went P4 HT/ D to Core 2 Duo/Quad, and that was a huge performance jump, then the i series, even bigger jump, but now things are slowing down for them also. Anybody with a 2500k and a decent video card has no good reason to jump to 3570k, but gets left wondering how long their 1155 platform is good for....


Even worse, if I go AM3+ they will probably do one more gen of CPU, which is fine, since it's been around for a while, but if I go FM2 with an APU, I am only guaranteed one more gen processor according to AMD... and anybody that bought FM1 got screwed, luckily boards are pretty cheap, and DDR3 RAM and PCI/E graphics should be around for a while.


I think right now is the time to buy though, hardware is cheap, and performance per $ is the best I have seen. I remember paying $350 for my Opteron on ebay just cause the stepping was good for 3Ghz!

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as far as intel goes, they're following their 'tick tock' cycle of a new chip, then a minor refresh, new chip, etc.


Might just be my perception of the issue, but it seems the 'slowing down' of performance increases may be because we've grown accustomed to having the increases so often. There's also the fact of just how many fps do you need in your video game, LOL. Personally, my computing needs have not increased at the rate of the chip makers

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Agent Smith and you too burned-ati, I think the FX series of chips is AMD's "next gen" and the FX-8350 is "King of The Hill". I have an FX-8120 and it's enough for what I want but if you want all out POWER, Intel still kills them all with the newer i7 Ivy Bridge chips and the 2011 series...







Of course $$$ IS an object and you'll pay alot more for Intel...






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Keep your new toy cool for a cool price too. I now have the h80i,since I killed my h80 and the "i" is supreme in every way to the og h80.

Posted Image




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