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Maybe an unusual question, but I borrowed my friend's PC while he was on vacation. Now I'll go on vacation and we won't see each other for the next few months.


So can I mail the PC back to him or would it break, or could the PCI-e card get loose? He lives 190 km from me, I think the post office would drive it to him.

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You mean there's not an app for that? :rofl3:

Explain this to me, please. This really makes no sense. Make sense of it to me if you can.

Your friend went on holiday and you used his PC. Now you're going on vacation and taking the PC.

Are you mailing the PC to where you are going? If you're taking it with you, you can take it back, too.


Please understand - I'm am not trying to make fun of you at all, but I don't see how you can take a PC somewhere and then need to mail it back (unless you're leaving for good, but you said you'll see him in a couple months).

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We are in the same country now, but he lives 190 km away so I can't return it to him in person. I'm not taking the PC on vacation and I'm not on vacation yet. So I want to return it before my vacation through the mail if possible.

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The greatest chance of damage when mailing a computer is typically cracking the plastic face and dents in the metal case.

Interior component damage is less likely, but that's provided that the computer is secured firmly within the mailing box itself.


For this reason, it's important to wrap the entire rig tightly with bubble-wrap, lots of thick paper or padding, or even form fit some styrofoam if you have it.

Then when placing the computer into the mailing box, make sure that it is firmly centered and does not jostle about by filling any air pockets with more packing material.

The box itself needs in good shape as well.


The alternative is to take the computer to a local shipping company and have them pack and send it for you.

The UPS store does this, so if you have one in your area, it may be worth getting prices from them.

Or, if you prefer, they do have packaging supplies for sale to help you to do it yourself.



:) Y

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and get it insured,

if that pc has an over sized heatsink on the processor you'll want to take that off the board because it will could break loose inside that case from the jostling of being shipped. If it's a standard oem heatsink then it's probably o.k.

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In addition to the excellent suggestions above you might benefit from "shopping around" to discover who has the best price and service. In this country we have several major carriers and thousands of smaller carrier services in addition to the US Postal mailing service. I don't know what you have availalable in your country, or what the costs might be.


If it were me, I'd call a couple of small Computer Tech shops who build and sell computers. They will surely have experience with shipping electronics, and will have discovered some of the best and most economic. You might even benefit from checking their dumpster out back of their stores to acquire box and possibly internal packing materials. (They receive computers as well as ship them, and probably regularly discard the box and shipping materials which you might be able to reuse.)


Best Regards

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