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I need a recycle bin or garbage can > SOLVED!


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I have an Android 4.0 tablet http://www.agptek.com/blog/?p=107 that I'm playing around with. It's smaller than my laptop and I'll be taking it with me on my trips.


Now sometimes 'playing' is not so pretty good when you don't know how things got on the home screen! I have somehow managed to pick up twitter and Ebay ... neither of which I use!


I would like to get rid of these two hitchikers. When I click on the icons, I get the web page (Arrrgh!) ... I need some kind of litter box to get rid of 'em. Got any suggestions? :surrender:

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See if anything here helps:




I don't have an apps tray .... I've looked all thru that site.

I can't even find out how to delete stuff in my saved favorites. I have a feeling that these two web pages may have been bundled with Yahoo news, that I can't rmove either :facepalm:


I'll try agin with what the video says to do.

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