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Microsoft Security Essentials fails latest AV-Test

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An excerpt from the article:

In a month of uneven Windows 8 news and reviews, Microsoft is taking another hit. This time, its freeware Security Essentials finds itself in the crosshairs.


Independent German security suite evaluators AV-Test.org publish bimonthly tests that rate the effectiveness of the biggest Windows security suites out there, and the recently published results showed that MSE failed to earn certification on the most recent test. MSE was the only suite to fail out of the 24 suites tested on Windows 7 during September and October.


"Microsoft is offering a baseline protection with MSE. However, the majority of free and paid security offerings from 3rd parties includes a better protection against current threats," wrote Andreas Marx, CEO of Av-Test.org, in an e-mail to CNET. The low scores in the "Protection" category, he wrote, are "especially related" to the low blocking rates against zero-day malware. MSE stopped only two-thirds of them, whereas many competitors did significantly better. Marx explained that blocking zero-days is "the most important feature in today's protection mechanisms," since more than 90 percent of malware comes from Web sites distributed by downloads or e-mail attachments.


Just so you know. -kd5-

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