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Why is my CD/DVD-drive noisy sometimes and quiet others?

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I have a Compaq Presario desktop with a 32 GB processor, 4 GBs of memory, and runs Windows Vista Home Premium, SR2180NX. It still has the original CD/DVD-drive and seems to work OK but it's often really noisy when I burn CDs. Half the time it's quiet and half the time it's noisy, making a constant loud hum when it is.


Could this be the CDs making it be noisy at times or is my CD/DVD drive starting to go and needs replacing? If I need a new drive, how do I make sure I get the right type for my desktop?


Thanks for any advice.

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It looks like your board has both IDE and SATA so you can go with a SATA drive if your power supply has a connector for it



You can get a SATA DVD-RW drive here for $16. free ship



an IDE drive might be harder to get

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That's up to you, if your current drive is working and you can live with the noise, then keep it until it dies and then look into a new drive








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I looked inside and the CD/DVD hard drive only has one plug plugged in

The IDE cable is on the left and the SATA cable is on the right, your drive should have one of those two so you will be able to tell what type of drive you have


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