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PS3 Graphics Issue


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Hi all,


Done a bit of a google search but no real answers but here goes:


I have an old PS3 it is hooked up to a 42" Sony Bravia via a Onkyo Reciever (4 hdmi in and 1 out) - I have my Sky HD and my upscaling DVD player all running through the Onkyo via HDMI.


The PS3 has recently started to have flickering horizontal lines across the screen, like electrical interference, and I get the occasional signal drop and the TV then goes and searches for the HDMI input. I have changed the HD cable for a more expensive one but still no joy......


Is my PS3 on the way out??


Nothing else is having this problem, just the PS3. Also nothing has changed electricity wise on the circuit or nearby.


Any ideas?

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Hello Nigsy,

I had problems with mine too back in early 2010, but after I messed with the adjustments and all - everything went back to normal. I have mine hooked up to my Onkyo 905 & then to my Sharp 60 inch Aquos LE920 Series, and I started getting flickering one night while playing Novalogic's - Delta Force - Urban Warfare. My first thought it was time to change out the fuse to my Onkyo( to which I did ), then I messed with the DPI setting from lowest 1st then to it's maximum resolution in Display Settings( see how that goes for you ), and then I check my MHz resolution and adjust from lower to higher as well. Hope this works out for you!!

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