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Adding and Removing Computers From PC Optimise

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Our consumer license keys are good for five installations.


You can open the Optimize 3.0 program and from the main screen click on the "Browse" button, then on the right-hand side is an option to delete any computer that has not been optimized within the last 60 days. Just click on the red "X".


If you have computers that need top be removed and are under the 60 day limit, please open a ticket at our help desk and provide the computer names. You can open a ticket from here:





To install Optimize 3.0 on an additional computer, download and install the program from our customer service page by clicking the link below:




Click the dot in front of "Download the latest product version".


Click "Next" then select Optimize 3.0 and click download.


Once the program is installed, launch the application, and login to run the scan. For Optimize 3.0, you only need to login with the same email address and password as was previously used for the original installation. Do not click on the 'Register' option or otherwise attempt to use the license key again. If you need a password lookup, you can do that from here: http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/email_my_password.asp?

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