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Windows 8: Your first impressions

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As you already know Spider Solitare is not going to come up by just typing it at the start screen. First I had to go to the app store and download the Microsoft Solitare collection (which I had already done some time ago). Then of course I had to type in Microsoft Solitare Collection instead of Spider Solitare, but it actually came up after typing just "mi"




Once the app was opened I could then right-click on Spider Solitare and pin it to the Start page.



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i find it funny, people used to moan when others cluttered their desktops with lots of short cut icons, now it seems it's the only way to find anything quickly in win 8.


must admit win 8 and metro wouldn't be for me.

if i used windows i'd much sooner set it up to be like a standard desktop with taskbar and start button.

from what i've read tho, the os itself seems to run very well.



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I don't currently use Windows 8 on a daily basis and I don't like the Modern/Metro interface as it is much more comfortable using something I already know, but I need to know how it works in order to provide support for people that want to/have to use it.


For me, the fastest way to find anything in Win 8 Metro/Modern is to just type the name from the Start screen, but of course you have to know the name that Windows 8 is using.


Personally, for when I have to do software or virus research/testing, this is my workaday Windows 8 desktop with the Windows 7 shell, start menu, etc:




You can Google Ex7forW8 to download a small app to switch shells between Win 7 and Win 8. (You will need to either have upgraded from Windows 7 to Win 8, or have access to a Windows 7 install disk.)

However, the more I understand and learn about how Windows 8 works, the less I find myself using the Windows 7 shell.

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In comparison to the software's operating my system, No comparison.


Waited for the day Microsoft® released an operating system that isn't in the pockets of third party Virus software vendors, that force people to keep cleaning, never ending scrubbing and rinsing, bruce not trying to steal your famous words :P


Waited for the day they trashed defrag and entire model for something original, innovative, beautiful, useful.


But it continues to be the same old person with a face lift.


Take the billions of dollars, Destroy this beast from the inside out, Build something new from the ground up, It's getting old and i'm tired of waiting :)

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How do you feel about someone that demands the very best, in the best interest of the consumer?

I love them like family and respect that they may have different opinions of what "the very best" may be.


I prefer Android on my tablet, Windows 7 Starter on my netbook, Windows 7 Pro on my Home computer, OSX on my iMac and Linux Mint on my "loaner" box.

For me, each has a purpose, usefulness and a degree of comfort and fun.


If anyone has other preferences, including the use and enthusiasm for any other OS, including Windows 8, then I will support their decision and help them to make the most of their chosen OS, within my abilities.

I have no prejudice towards other Operating Systems.


............. was that the question?


:) Y

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No that wasn't it Kawika, The very best in an os, Windows, What it could be, Instead of what it is.


for example: Windows XP still holds a WHOPPING 40% market as of Jan this year, wile Win 7 is 44%.


Maybe these folks could care less about something pretty considering they still have to clean, scrub, rinse etc..


Or they are all broke and don't have money to upgrade.


I see these folks going in different directions, Microsoft® sees it too.


Produce a better product or else.

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Actually, somebody has come up with an option to put Windows 7 explorer on Windows 8 and you can then do away with the whole load Metro crap.

it's called Ex7forW8. you can find out more about it here


Of course you'll need to get the files off your windows 7 disk


This program restores native Windows 7 start menu and desktop by bringing Windows 7 explorer.exe.
Start menu retains full configurability you expect from Windows 7 start menu.
This program includes sophisticated lightweight wrapper, install/uninstall/patch program.
You can use it on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 RTM or RP versions, any edition, any language!

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windows 8 does feel snappier and the boot up/ shutdown time is much better than 7 is also

you can have the advantages of 8 with the same explorer options as 7.

I like it much more w/o metro

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honestly, that's entirely a user problem for allowing anything and everything to be installed or by disabling protections in place.


my windows 7 computers have run for years without ever having any "wipe, scrub, scour, rinse, repeat". this includes the computer my kids use exclusively.

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