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Mary Pavone

Mare's PC running really slow, freezing up. Possible virus?

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I have McAfee protection. A full scan ran yesterday, 10/25/12. It says my computer is secure. It is running so slow and freezes up. If I right click on my desktop and click refresh, it takes a long time to refresh. Once it does, I have to click refresh again. This seems to speed it up for a time. I use Mozilla Firefox when on the internet. MSN is my homepage. When I click on an article to read on MSN, any article, it takes a long time for the article to open up. Scrolling down the page of the article freezes up. I have to close my browser over and over, or close Firefox completely to clear my computer. More often than not, I also have to shut the hard drive off to unfreeze it. I use Gmail. Just to open my email, and click on any folder there takes a long time. Checking facebook takes a long time. I shop online, usually just at Macys.com, Amazon.com or Kohls.com. I don't use unknown sites. Again, my computer tends to freeze up or run so excruciatingly slow, it is really frustrating. It took me a whole afternoon to access my banking site to pay a few bills online this week. I don't use my computer for business purposes. It is for personal use only - photo storage, documents like my resume, a few spreadsheets for household expense tracking, etc. Nothing major here. I purchased an external hard drive to store my photos to free up space. This didn't seem to help with the speed of my PC. I have internet connection, dsl, through my cable company - Charter Cable. Please help me!!! If I don't get my computer fixed soon, I may dig a hole in the backyard and bury it! Thank you so much for your time!



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