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Anyone plan to "upgrade" to Windows 8 or get Surface Tablet?

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Never had an interest in Surface until i saw "the making of Surface" video.



I was amazed how the keyboard sticks so strongly to the tablet. I figure they must use Neodymium magnets, but may be annoying to take the keyboard off. Liking the color schemes of them too though for $100 kb, kinda stuck with whatever color you choose.

I have a 1st gen Ipad, use it everyday but aside from keeping the apps i paid for and the higher res screen, not as much incentive to get an Ipad 3 considering the prices between them are the same and with Surface i would get the KB and built in kickstand, liking the live tiles too.

Apps is the largest issue, but naturally more and more will be on the way. I just need Kindle and Zinio apps.


I'll probably get Windows 8 on desktop but will use Classicshell. After reading "Windows 8 Secrets" and "Inside and Out: Windows 8" books, it definitely had a lot of improvements under the hood.


Anyone else intrigued by either?

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I tried out the beta version, didn't like it for a desktop but it might be o.k. on a tablet or a smaller touch screen. Do you know what the apps are going to cost for W8?

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