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How To Turn On AHCI After Windows Install

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How To Turn On AHCI After Windows Install


This tip can be a real time saver for system builders (if you do not know what AHCI is, this tip is not for you). Have you ever installed Windows 7 and forgot to enable AHCI in BIOS? In the “old” days you were told your only option was to re-install Windows. Not so! The following registry edit will enable AHCI after an install. Go to:




Then change value of Start to 0 (that’s a zero), and AHCI will work.




Tip of the hat to MaximumPC Magazine

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A nod from me.

I have used this a while a ago on a multiboot machine.


Switching Sata to AHCI (For Hackintosh purposes)

and Win7 and WinVista were fine thanks to the routine above.

WinXP needed a repair install.



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