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Help With Google Chrome DLL Editing

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Hello, I dislike the lack of ability to choose a page to substitute the "New Tab" page in Chrome, and I prefer avoiding third party software and the complications that come with it when possible, so I thought that the best solution would be editing chrome.dll to force the behaviour.


However, I have limited knowledge of C (That is what this language is, right?), so I would greatly appreciate some help from someone more knowledgable.


I have version 21.0.1180.89, and I think that I found the new tab resource by searching chrome.dll in Resource Hacker for "If we wanted to maintain position we could remove 'maximum-scale' so," which I pulled from the source code of the new tab page. The only hit was BINDATA > 756 > 0. From googling around, I think that to change the page to Google, I need to add "window.location = 'https://www.google.com/';" but I am not quite sure where, and my semi-random guessing has not worked so far.


Does anyone have some advice on how to go forward from here?

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