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How To Remote Control Your Home Computer From Anywhere With VNC


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Teamviewer is nice for certain things, aka an "easy" way of controlling grandmas computer. But when it comes to needing real access, in a secure, finely controlled way I will stick with vnc.


It isn't just remote control but offers much much more. When I use it it is set up so that it goes to my login screen. From there I log in as any user on my system. It is for all intent purposes a real remote desktop application.


Not too mention no pop ups, no nagware, no annoying crap, just simple real remote access to my computer, not just the desktop screen.


As for cellphones.










Pretty much vnc will run on anything that has a screen ;)

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to be honest even tho teamviewer is a good program because of it's ease of use/setup, it's one i think of as having a security weakness just because of the fact it uses a third party connection to it's own server instead of a point to point secure connection from control pc to controlled pc.



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I have been using BeAnywhere and I'm very grateful with its high performance because it's easier to work, flexible and secure.


Check it out: www.beanywhere.com


Not cross platform though.


With VNC or Teamviewer I can access my Home PC running SUSE from my Android phone or from my windows pc at work.

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