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Had been using Skype on my notebook for the past couple of months till last two weeks when I couldn't log in at all. Check Firewall no problem there, thought Trend was blocking it, IT guy tested for me and disabled it still didn't work. Tried uninstalling and re-install the program again, yet still can't log in.


Been scratching my head wondering what to do next? Any learned advice will be much appreciated.

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The best advice i can give, is when one fails, use another!


You always have to have a backup plan, personally i can't stand skype due to it's limitations, however that's me...


But these guys never failed me, i get more from it, more people at the same time for free.




That's just the plugin, i guess you need chrome and at least a gmail or google+ account to get started.


The good part is that it's a browser plugin, nothing needs installed like skype has to be on your system separate from browser.


I think it's worth getting folks to move to google hangouts, it works on all platforms, even ipads etc...

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Unfortunately its not by choice that I chose Skype, as I never really like installing such programs like MSN and Skype. Its much too disruptive but due to work requirement, it is used as a tool to communicate between my colleagues abroad. Seems like they swear by it... :nono:

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Is it just a password problem - Have you tried downloading it and setting up a new account? under a different user name etc?

Or can you sign in to your current account on a different PC?

Skype will lock accounts if they think there has been suspicious behavior on it.


They have good online support through IM Chat.

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