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Docx attachment will not open just in yahoo mail

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For some reason, I suddenly cannot open any .docx attachment from my Yahoo mail. I CAN open these attachments in my gmail account but when I click on the attachment when in Yahoo mail, I get a message that yahoo has scanned the attachment and that it is OK but when I click to download it, nothing happens. There is a message that it is being accessed at the mail address and then nothing. All was working just fine a couple of days ago and all works fine on my gmail account. Norton tells me that this is a Word or Windows problem and that it has nothing to do with my Norton Internet Security. Sooo, any ideas on how I can get .docx attachments to download and open in Word (version 2007, by the way) in my Yahoo account? I have no memory of changing any account settings in my Yahoo mail account and .docx files are correctly associated with Word in my default settings. Thanks for any help.

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Well, I have no idea what the problem was but it has corrected itself as quickly as it appeared. Not long ago, I was able to download the .docx attachments that previously would not download. All is suddenly fine. I must assume that it was something at Yahoo mail as I did not do anything on my end to solve the problem. Thanks to all who gave this any thought.

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