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[Suggestion]Directory to found malware

Tx Redneck

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Might I suggest that yall enable users to see the location and name of whatever PC Matic finds as malware? There are some things that it finds that are innocuous, legit tools and without the ability to see where/what they are, it makes me hesitant to have it "clean" them.




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Hey Tx,


The name should be available by clicking the red rectange for the threats then mousing over the entry.


Adding the location information back in (it is in the original Exterminate component) is on the list of to-do items, but not a priority.


For now you can go to C:Program filesPC Pitstop and open up clean.xml by double clicking on it and it will show you the detailed path information as to what was found where, after the fact. At least you can see if something needs to be reinstalled..

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