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DNS Server Isn't Responding

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My laptop DNS Server has stopped working. The message I get is DNS Server isn't responding.


Need help with the repair. (Windows 7 and has been working properly for over a year, in fact I have never had this problem)...


Thanks for your help..

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My laptop DNS Server has stopped working.

The DNS server is a service provided by your ISP. While there's likely nothing wrong with your laptop, you might want to open Services.msc, then restart the DNS Client, or just stop it.


Conventional DNS servers are widely available. I use Google's servers ( and, and have used those from Speakeasy, NTT Communications, and Level 3 Communications; they're all quick and reliable. OpenDNS is just as reliable, in my experience, but provides additional features for safer browsing, which you should learn about.


To use OpenDNS, ignore their Web site content and just set these addresses — and You do not need to sign up for a service or provide any information.

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