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Wireless extenders/Boost Speed

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I just moved back to canada and have the new fibe TV/Internet. The only decent place to put the modem was in our basement. On our main level I get 3 bars on my connection, but upstairs it gets only 1 maybe 2.

I have been looking at variuous wi-fi extenders.

anyone have any good advice on what product I could buy that is simple to install and works well?

I usually can do some of my own modifications in the main modem/router settings but since this is a new service, I don't want to risk scrfewing it up and having a dude come out and repair it costing me hundreds of dollars.


By the way, here is my spoeed test results with 3 bars from the living room, which is right above the basement(obviously), but the top floor is very weak.




Thanks as always....

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