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I don't know what else to call them, but I'm getting ads popping up on nearly all the websites I use, including Facebook. They come in the form of asking to chat, requesting friendship, message alerts, etc. I'm sure they're malware, as they're sexual in nature, and I need to get rid of them.


Last evening, I bought and installed Kaspersky Pure 2.0 Total Security, and ran the Full Scan. It located one (1) trojan, which I removed. However, the ads still pop up. The trojan that it located was: Rootkit.Boot.Sinowal.b.


Can anyone help? Am I in the correct forum?



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You need to > Download DDS and save it to your desktop

Disable any script blocking protection (How to Disable your Security Programs)

Right click on the DDS icon and select "Run as Administrator" to run the tool (may take up to 3 minutes to run).

When done, DDS.txt will open.

After a few moments, attach.txt will open in a second window.

Save both reports to your desktop.

Please post the contents of the DDS.txt and Attach.txt logs in a new thread that you start here > http://forums.pcpits...-been-hijacked/






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