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Wireless dropping

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Okay I am new here and I know that there are some problems similar to mine on the forums but believe me when I say I have tried everything but nothing seems to do it. My problem is that my internet (wireless) drops whenever using skype while playing a game or watching youtube videos. At first I thought that it could be that I am not getting great reception, so I bought a network extender (which works great). However my wireless still drops when I do the things I mentioned earlier. I looked up my problem online and read a dozen or more responses to people with similar problems. One was to change my channel to 11 or 6 or 1 as they don't overlap which I did. Still nothing has changed. I ran some continous pings in the background of my gaming/skyping and I noticed some loss from my modem/router. My firmware and drivers are up to date. I don't know where to even go from here...let me know of any information that you need and I'll post it up as a reply.

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