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Remove personal information from pictures


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When taking digital pictures the information stored in the EXIF data can contain a lot of personal information like GPS location, time/date, owner name, camera make and model plus more. If you share pictures on the Internet you may want to remove certain information stored in the images to protect your personally identifiable information.


Here are a few free software solutions to view, edit and remove EXIF data.


Metability Software FileMind QuickFix

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools


Microsoft Windows users also have the ability to view, edit and remove EXIF data without using any additional software.


Just right click on an Image and choose "Properties".

Next select the "Options" tab.


From there you can manually view, edit and remove EXIF data.


Optionally, in Windows, you can click the "Remove Properties and Personal Information" option.

A "Remove Properties" window will pop up.


You then have the options to:

- "Create a copy with all possible properties removed"


- "Remove the following properties from this file" that gives you multiple options of what EXIF data you want to keep or remove from the image.

Make your selections and click "OK".


Note: You can also use the right click option on other documents and files to view, edit and remove personal data you may not want to share with others.

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