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Email from Ebay..Don`t think so?


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Recently there have been many reports of fraud activity regarding stolen account information and stolen identities. The only real way to avoid these emails is to never click on a link from them, and to make sure a copy of the email is in my messages when you sign into Ebay.Below are a few clues to help stop you getting caught.


Some common phrases used in fake emails include:


Dear Ebay or Paypal Member.

Your Ebay account has been disabled due to unpaid seller account. Please click here to pay your account now.

Offer you a job with Ebay.

This requires a full update on your records.

You will be prompted to provide full and complete information regarding your account

Failure to update your online records will result in a halt of your account.

Follow this link to update your billing records.

Changes to eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Please click here to view.

Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more.

Survey from Ebay

Etc etc…..

I bought an item off you and have not received it yet!!! (this one can get you in.. might have thought you forgot to post an item)

A bid retraction on an item that does not exist!!!


Once they have your user name and password, they can assume your eBay identity and post fake listings under your ID to get other Ebayers to buy items that don’t exist! They will ruin your reputation within a week or two by appearing to be legitimate. This is a real risk for every Ebay member!!! so just be careful when a supposed email arrives from Ebay!!


When log on to Ebay...click "My Ebay/My Messages/ then on the left side click "From Ebay"

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