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External Hard Drive Trashed After WIndows Updates

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Just as the topic says....I came into work yesterday morning and both of my machines were on the login screen. ( Windows 7 and Windows Vista ) I knew that Windows updates were installed sometime during the night when I logged on because of the window telling me that they were installed. Well after a few minutes of workng...I noticed that one of my external hard drives wasn't showing up. I rebooted my Windows 7 machine but it still didn't show up. I unplugged the drive and replugged..and finally got it to show up but then WIndows said the drive needed to be formatted. The thing was working great before the updates. I went to DIsk Management and waited forever for it to connect then the disk shows to be in "raw" format..not NTFS. I've tried about everything I can think of to fix this ...even connecting to another computer and I also tried Ubuntu Live CD. I wanted to recover my files from the drive but I guess I'll just go ahead and reformat it. I only use the drive for backup of specific files and some Windows images. (I have two other external drives that I have the same files backed up to)Thanks Microsoft for trashing a perfectly good drive!

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