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Hello guys, Im trying to figure out how to convert my videos to a lower size...


So I bought a Canon PowerShot ELPH 310HS, and I took some videos at the highest resolution possible:




I notice that when watched on my PC, sometimes they freeze.. not always though so thats weird...


Well the main issue is, I wanna lower the size, for example one of the videos is 10min long and is 2.46GB big...

I know its HD and all but is there a way to lower the file size? Im willing to downconvert to 720 if needed. Also, the only program I know of to do such things is: SUPER ( http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html )


The files are in .MOV format, 1920 resolution, 23 FPS


If your probably wondering if my PC sucks or its old, here is my specs:


-AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 2.40 GHZ


-AMD XFX Radeon HD6850 775M 1GB

-Windows 7 32Bit


A bit old lol




Sumarize: I wanna lower the file size while quality still looking pretty good.


If you use SUPER, please let me know what settings to use/set since im new to all this stuff. ty

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Cant you do this in Windows Movie maker?


Open the file and then save in different format or a custom format?


Also have a google for DIVX converters, I found that useful to reduce file size.


Personally I use Nero.

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If it is possible in Windows Movie Maker, then this is how it is done:


~Open up WMM and click 'File' and then 'Import' the file you wish to resize.

~Now File > Save and choose custom setting

~Choose a lower resolution (1024 x 768 maybe?)

~Now, File > Export or Render...choose a compression rate (80 is good) and a codec. If you can, maintain original codec.


Remember, the more you compress and the lower the resolution, the lower the quality! Your computer will not be able to play 1080p files, i had an Athlon X2 64 with 4 GB RAM and it just would freeze randomly throughout the video, and this is in both Windows and Linux.


Virtualdub should be able to do what you are looking for as well, and there are plenty of tutorials on the web for it. If Nero came with your computer (trial or Lite version), or is an older version, it may not have the ability to do what you are looking for.

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MOV was used, you told us so. Just select it when rendering/exporting...You can convert to others like MPEG but I would keep the original if possible.

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make sure you retain the same aspec ratio. changing it to 1024x768 from 1920x1080 will make it look horrible.


1280x720 would be the same ratio as 1920x1080, so you could go with that and still retain hd quality.

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