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Getting error 0x8024400A when updating windows Xp

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I currently replaced my hard drive on a dell dimension 4600 and put on xp pro and when I try to up date from Microsoft I get a error message that says error 0x8024400A. The hard drive was used and Empty. Why won't it let me update the program? I keep getting the same error message when I try and run auto updates also. I downloaded SP2, installed it and it still says I need to install SP2 before I can download the download manager program. Thanks

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Reregister wups2.dll. To do this, log on to an account with administrator's rights. Click Start and Run, type CMD and click OK to open a command prompt. Type the following commands, pressing Enter at the end of each line.


net stop wuauserv


regsvr32 wups2.dll


net start wuauserv

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When I type in. Regsvr32 wups2.dll I get an error message that says load library wups2.dll failed specified module could not be found

Well, you can't register it if it ain't there :glare:


Open the WindowsDownloaded Program Files folder, right-click MUWebControl Class, click Remove and Yes. Repeat for WUWebControl Class.


Open the Windows\SoftwareDistribution\WebSetup folder and rename wsus3setup.inf to wsus3setup.inf.OLD (note: the file or the folder itself may not be present).


Visit windowsupdate.microsoft.com and allow the software to reinstall.

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Hi TomGL2,

I am having the same problem with error code 0x8024400A although my problem has come about from reinstalling XP on an old machine. I used the official reinstall disk that came with the computer (XP Pro SP2) and followed up with the resources CD for the appropriate drivers. First thing I did was install the IE8 and attempted to run Windows Update (and Microsoft update). I have read in other places that ActiveX can sometimes cause this problem. I was prompted to install ActiveX, which I did.


I tried both of your solutions and unfortunately neither worked.


Any ideas?



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i just went through this a few times reinstalling windows xp sp2 on a few pc's what i did is download

win xp sp3 and install it and it let me get to microsoft update after getting the active x and wga


edit for broken link ?



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what i did is download win xp sp3 and install it

That makes complete sense — support for Windows XP with SP2 ended years ago, so Microsoft doesn't need to let Windows Update work on XP installations not upgraded to SP3. Too bad their published "fixes" don't mention that ...


Complete links to SP3 information and download (just ignore the remarks about "intended for IT professionals and developers") —


Windows XP Service Pack 3 Overview (PDF file)


Windows XP Service Pack 3 offline installer

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i think it also started around when Windows Update Agent Version 7.6.7600.256 came out last month or so


i made a VM of windows xp sp2 on Virtualbox a few months ago and had no trouble then getting to windows

update but now i have to install sp3 first




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I had same issue.


1] Installed Windows XP SP2

2] Installed ActiveX as IE requested before windows update

3] Gave error 0x8024400A when trying to update either by Express or Custom


So I searched through many forums and read lots of things over a week span and came to this forum. I even registered just to reply whether it worked or not.

I've tried registering lots of commands such as the one TomGL2 posted on post #2 and many and I mean many other commands such as those and it all failed when trying windows update.


On post #7 TomGL2 indicated an Offline Installer for Service Pack 3. I myself will tell you this worked for sure on all 3 laptops that were having that issue.


In conclusion:

If you get the error do the following: [going to repost TomGL2 link just in case no one wants to scroll up and read which is common]


1] Click or copy/paste on the following url which is the Offline Windows XP Service Pack 3 Installer which is about 316 MB in file size




2] Once your download is complete double click to open

3] run through it just like a normal install clicking Next until it starts to install [don't remember if you need to acknowledge any terms but if so click Agree and then Next if prompted]


Once it's done it'll restart your computer with the new SP3 installed


4] Find and click on Windows Update [normally in your Start > All Programs]


at this point after it scans for any new information click either Express or Custom and at this point you should not have any trouble updating windows.


And yes the previous who indicated that Microsoft no longer supports XP SP1 or SP2 are correct since it's outdated in either case. Soon to be completely removed from their database when Windows 8 makes it's launch so Windows XP may go obsolete as far as updating via windows update console. Yes it's a rumor but I have read this in more then just a few forums/areas again rumor non fact [in other words it's not coming straight from Microsoft Corp themselves as of yet]



By the way thank you for posting this and I know this is one month old or more but would like to say Thanks to everyone on this forum for their awesome information :)


Thank You!



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Hello All - I like the others had this major problem as well, after a 12 year old IDE WD 80GB HD froze - never to work again. I purchased a new IDE WD 320GB HD and in-stalled it, and for the past three days had tried to find up-dates for SP3 for the Windows Update site - No good - error after error. After checking each error over the internet, I found nothing that pertained to what I was trying to do. Until this last error I got which was this one (0x8024400A), and I desided that this one was going to be it & I was through. Not really wanting to take my computer to Best Buy or Staples, because both of these stores in my town has very bad customer service ethics & very low ratings. Well anyway - I clicked on the first website on the top of the page, and that brought me to here - pcpitstop. All I can say is - THANKS TONS AND BUNCHES, my headach is finally gone and SP2 has now finally updated to SP3 - Army HOOAH!! to you people on here. Now after 215 Windows XP updates & about 9 hours later, my old computer is fast & speedy once again!!. "Thanks Again" for the info on what I needed to do to get this thing going, and also for having this site up & running. I'm glad I found this site and joined, and when I'm in dought I will come back - again & again. Thanks All - I'm a Happy Camper!!!!

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I tried the .exe file but when i tried to run it, it said is was "not a valid win32 application"

Probably the file was either corrupted or truncated during the download, which has been reported occasionally for this update. Right-click the file and click Properties. The file size should be 331,805,736 bytes; anything else means a bad file. You can also click the signature tab and double-click the signer's name to verify the file.

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Hello & Good Morning All & Happy Thanksgiving - Well here's a good one for you all, It's been less then two months since I bought this "NEW" IDE WD Blue 320GB & installed SP3 on it and now it's froze( make sure you read the word - "NEW"). I had bought this so call "NEW" HD at my local small family owned computer fix-it store for good monies, item looked new and the box was wrapped in plastic still. Now come to find out after I wrote WD about it to get an RMA, they told me - now get this - that it was a "Refurbished" unit with only 30 day warranty - but there is no stamp on top in right hand corner above the 320GB saying that. So I took a few HiDef micro photo's of it and sent it to them, told them where I bought it and for how much. They wrote back saying that this place is not one of there "where to buy it stores", and that they are not on there vender list. They also said that this HD was warrantied to a person who lives in Branson MO, and that the born on date for this HD was May 2009. I have printed up all e-mail back and forth with WD and am now with a few other with same issues with this place, taking them to court for selling used & refurbished parts as new - just like Best Buy was doing in the mid 1990's. I was involved in part of that class action suite too - as I had bought a new acer aspire for $2,400 from them, just to find out they had taken the new parts out and replaced with all used item. Only found that out because a tech friend of mine was adding a 256mb memory stick to it to up it to 512mb, and I didn't know anything about computers back then & didn't want too. Now I'm a self taught computer geek, do my own repairs & build gaming systems now, I'm addicted to it now - go figure. I go to court on Dec 4th and will be back to let you know the out come, thanks for reading my book - good day.

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Hello - Me & 38 others that have the same sort of issues with this place have, and they won't refund and don't belive us - so we're taking them to court. Western Digital, Coolmax, PNY and some other companies have never heard of them, and they are not on any of their sellers, resellers or distributors lists here in Florida. One lady has been fighting with them over a Mobo she had replaced, they charged her $164.00 to bench test and give her an estimate. Then charged her $257.99 for a new Mobo that she could of bought at CompUSA for $84.96, and then kept her $209.99 Intel Core - i5 3.40 3rd gen giving her a used i3 3.30 2nd gen + they broke the front plastic face plate to her comp as well. We all go to court on Dec 4th & we're having my ex-justice of the peace uncle be our lawyer, will give new post after all is said and done.

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I get "File is corrupt"

Most likely it was corrupted during the download, as occasionally happens. Right-click the file and click Properties. If the Digital Signatures tab is missing, the file may be corrupted. Click the tab if it's present, then click the name in the signature list ("Microsoft") and click Details. If the signature is reported as invalid, or an error of any kind is shown, the file is corrupted.


Your only recourse to download the file again.




Regarding detection of file corruption —



A utility to determine if a file is intact is Microsoft's file verifier. To be useful, the file's checksum must be known.




Download and run the program, When prompted for the destination, type


then click OK.


Open the folder containing the SP3 file (WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe). Click Start and Run, type CMD and click OK to open a command prompt.


Type FCIV -MD5 followed by a space. Click & drag WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe into the command prompt window, then click in the window and press Enter. The MD5 checksum for the file should be




This value is unique to the XP SP3 file. If a different value is returned, the file is corrupted.


Another such utility is SigVerif (Signature Verification), included with XP, but it's only applicable to signed files such as SP3. To use it in this case, click Start and Run, type SIGVERIF and click OK. Click Advanced, and select "Look for other files...".


In "Look in this folder", type the path to the folder containing the SP3 file (e.g., I:SP3_4_XP). If you're not sure of the path, right-click the file and click Properties, and copy the value beside Location.


Click OK. Click Start, and be patient — large files take some time to read. When done, click Close to dismiss the Results pane, then click Advanced, Logging, and View Log. The file is okay if Signed appears in the Status column.


[ EDIT: The MD5 checksum for my copy of the XP SP3 ISO (xpsp3_5512.080413-2113_usa_x86fre_spcd.iso, dated Apr 14, 2008) is




The ISO was also released as en_windows_xp_service_pack_3_x86_cd_x14-60489.iso (Jun 30, 2008), and the two are identical.


From where did you acquire your copy? ]

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