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Hello, it's me again. I hate to start stupid new threads, I try to drill into all the past threads for advice, but this thing is boggling my mind.

One thing I did like about Windows was how if I totally messed something up, I could go back to a point where it wasn't wack (I didn't run XP for too long [3 weeks] so I didn't really grasp System Restore, but in my years of running 98SE I knew DOS commands for backing up and restoring past good configurations.

How do I do this in Linux? DVDs?

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you can create backup/restore points for your os but to be honest i don't bother, so don't know how.

if i messed up my os, then i'd fix the problem or just re-install my os, and because suse uses a separate home partition all our data is there untouched (as long as we never deleted/formatted the partition during install.),

i don't remember ever having any os problem that needed a restore because something stopped working or got corrupted, suse just works.


we usually upgrade our operating system at least once a year to the newest version anyway.

eg. your running 12.1 and 12.2 will be out sometime after september i think.


if you want to make backups of your data tho that's another thing altogether and yes, id recommend you started doing that on a regular basis.


using linux.

turn on pc,

do no maintenance, except data backups and the occasionally software update so you have the latest security updates/fixes.

and that's it.

you don't need to worry about anything else, just use and enjoy.

switch off pc when finished.



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The Windows System Restore will revert Windows to a previous state while leaving documents in tact. It is a nice feature, though there is flaws with it.


With Linux you have a / (root) partition and a /home partition. If done correctly, you can install a new version of your linux distro, or re-install the existing release, by just replacing the / partition. This means you can quickly get to a new/clean slate without having to backup your documents and other settings. Including updates and a few program installs, you can get your computer to a like-new working state in under an hour.

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OK, I d/led the app Bruce recommended (for some reason the link didn't work, but I got it through yast), but until I spend a couple of years running Linux and maybe learning something - that's way too complex for me. Sorry, man. :mrgreen:


As far as data backup goes, I guess I can just do it the old school way by burning CDs with K3b, no?

System backup: I'll find the thread or PM I made about partitions and ask that question there, k?


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Adam, I kindly recommend you recommend to me a nice link to a tutorial or something on how to deal with partitioning. How to even grasp the concept, in fact.


Remember: You guys are Linux gurus. I am only a toddler who hasn't yet learned how not to :filtered: in his Pampers yet. :mrgreen:


Oh, bloody heck! This filtering is insane! I'm a toddler who still SOILS his Pampers. Is that OK? The word I typed started and ended with the letter "p" and had a pair of "o"s in the middle. Man, I'd better not type "darn" something on here.


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