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PC Matic has done something I don't like

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After running PCMatic and letting it fix things automatically, I am having issues with my contact list in email. Prior to running this, when I emailed someone, I merely had to type the first letter of the person in the TO section and a dropdown list would appear. Now it doesnt do that. At All. If I try to get the address from my contact list, I get an error message:


Something unexpected just happened. Please contact att.net Customer Care if the problem persists. Error code: -99999


And, No, I have not contacted ATT yet because it is a PITA to even find a contact number or email to reach them. AND I know when I tell them it was ok before running PCMatic, they are going to do that sucking of the teeth 'tsk, tsk' thing and tell me I shouldnt have run it, which will just made me more annoyed.


I figured I would start with the culprit that caused the problem first. And that would be PCMatic.


It is annoying me not to be able to get that drop down list for email. I have never seen this error or had a problem prior to running pcmatic.


please tell me how to fix it



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There are no other reports that I can find of PC Matic altering email accounts, nor are we able to reproduce the issue. It appears that this is a known problem with the ATT email rather than an issue with PC Matic.


To determine if the issue is a result of one of the changes made by PC Matic, those changes can be rolled back.


To undo the changes PC Matic made to the computer, open the program again then click the 'Options' icon, and the 'restore settings' tab. Select a date, then click on the 'Restore' button to run the program again to undo the changes. Once the restore completes, reboot the computer. Repeat the process for all available dates. If rolling back the PC Matic changes does not fix the problem, then it was not caused by PC Matic.


If rolling back the changes does not resolve the issue, then I would recommend doing a windows system Restore back to a point before the problem began. To do a Windows System Restore go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore to start the process.



If you are still seeing the issue:


click on Start>Run and type in %temp% then press Enter. A new window will open. Delete all files and folders in it.


If you are using Internet Explorer, once that completes try the Microsoft Fixit from here:




If you are using Firefox as your web browser, open Firefox and select Tools, Options, Advanced, Offline Storage, and click the Clear Now button.

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