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Wireless Issue


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Hoping someone here can help me out...


I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit with Cinnamon on my Toshiba Satellite. The wireless strength is at 77% even though I am about 2 feet from the router. It is 100% under Windows 7. The network is secured through WEP and no other computers have any issues with the router (Netgear Rangemax).


The wireless controller would appear to be RTL8191SEvB.


I see no apparent drops of signal but when watching live feeds on the internet, it will get a connection error every few minutes and require a refresh. So there must be a signal drop issue going on here, as well as the weak signal issue.


I've tried google and searching forums, and most folks are just having trouble connecting, as it seems that the driver was not released right away. I did not do anything to get the wireless working, it connected fine out of the box.

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