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YouTube Downloader Chrome extension


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Good news everyone, I've managed to get that deleted extension from someone who still had it on their computer and repacked it for installation. To install it, drag n' drop this file onto your extension manager (I think you may have to enable Developer Mode on top): http://www.filedropp...ideodownload130



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I used the extension for a while, but I had trouble with when I was in Germany where a lot of YouTube videos are blocked due to something to do with the GEMA. I was looking for an alternative and found a downloader/converter called Tubebox. It allows you do download YouTube videos in any quality.


I can only recommend it.

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Hi; Not only is this topic 5 years old since the last reply but you also posted links to paid software which is against forum rules. I have removed the links. Can you please update yourself with our posting rules please!!



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