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Windows can't find a network

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I have an Advent Laptop running vista and I have a problem with windows suddenly not being able to find one specific wifi network. Let me explain.


I have no problem connecting to my home network, or that of any of my friends networks.


However when I go to the holiday park where I have a caravan and go into the owners lounge to use the free wifi windows can't find it. (I used to be able to connect with no problem, it's just that for some reason windows can't find it now). Everybody else in the lounge can connect with no problem.


If I use my phone's usb tethering feature I can connect to the wifi network. If go into another part of the complex I can connect to the wifi there with no problem.


On the park they operate two networks, one in the owners lounge, the one I can no longer connect to, and one in the cafe/bar which I can connect to.


I can only assume that some 'setting' on my laptop has changed and is stopping windows finding the network, but I have no idea what it could be.


Thanks in advance for any help/advice

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doesn't sound to me like you have any problems on your end, so am thinking maybe the the network in the lounge isn't transmitting it's ssid, and that's why you can't find it to connect.

if so you'll need to ask someone what it is and then manually enter it when adding a new network connection along with any encryption key/pass phrase it may be using.



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