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Worst connectivity problems to the internet I have "ever" had?

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I moved to this new property, which is over a 100 years old - wooden shutters an' all - mention this cos it has reasonably thick walls, which I believe would interfere with the wireless connection, when my nearest phone point is in the stairwell, whilst I am in the lounge - 3 meters & one relatively thick wall away.


Nevertheless, for a short/brief period of about "16 days" I developed a really quite a good connection - some 3 months or so ago, but since then my connection has deteriorated to the worst possible level. I cannot figure it, I have gone through several routers, invested in a new dongle - more powerful and more compatible with the router - an N!


The line has been checked by an engineer, who said it was fine, but then said it had been out of sync? I have also been through about 8 filters, changed every lead imaginable... but still no improvement - in fact things have got even worse!!!


I've been told it may be interference from somewhere else, but I have downloaded a very good free programme Inssider - I believe it is called, and it has detected no other wireless's in the area.


The only thing, I can think of to resolve this - is to get one mighty long ruddy ethernet cable. But then for a good few minutes a week ago, the light went completely for the internet "out" on the router.


The engineer did find some problem, which was that he could not connect wirelessly with his laptop to my router, despite it showing 5 bars on the signal reference. I only get 2 on my own computer, despite the fact, when I briefly had a good connection I was getting 4/5 most of the time, sometimes 3 - never 2, as I do now!


I just cannot figure it, as I said. I cannot think of any internal interference, just that perhaps it is a problem with the router, but then I have been through something like half a dozen.


To summarize, please do not confuse things further - I have pretty much resigned myself to getting the ethernet cable in any event. But I do find this problem perplexing, and would prefer a better solution please?


Thanks Sean

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there are literally thousands of things that cause signal degradation. from using a microwave oven to a cordless telephone to walls (even thin ones) to basic power lines in the walls. without really being able to investigate this, it's hard for us to be able to determine. these issues often do get worse with time for various reasons.


in short: sure sounds like degradation to me. sometimes nearly impossible to find the root cause.

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Is this a good option, will it definitely resolve my issues please?


Additionally... I just aquired a new router, and my internet connection improved immediately and was effectively twice as good 4 bars instead of 2! But then, and it seems to happen around the same time every day - around midday it went, and the router began behaving as the previous one, which was without doubt on some level -faulty, any suggestions please?


Do PC Pitstop do these devices you speak of also, I was thinkin' of investing the $100, which came my way?


I can't figure it.... I've had router/modem issues before, but not like this. As I said an engineer checked the line, and found only a wireless problem - no issue with the line, but if I have now changed router, and this is what he thought it was, and this was "initially" significantally better, what else can it be?

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The Powerline AV+ 200 Adapter Kit includes two Powerline AV+ 200 adapters, which makes setting up a connection a snap. Simply plug one of the adapters into an available electrical outlet near your router and connect it to your router with an included Ethernet cable. Then plug the second adapter into any electrical outlet that's located near the device you want to network. Connect your device into the adapter and it will be connected to your network. It's as simple as that.


the faster kit. http://www.amazon.com/Netgear-XAVB5001-Powerline-Network-Adapter/dp/tech-data/B004DVEW8I/ref=de_a_smtd

and here's a review besides reading the reviews from amazon.




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in the uk lights are usually on 2 circuits, upstairs and downstairs but sockets are all on the same circuit. easy enough to test, do you need to flip/pull 1 or 2 switches/fuses in the fuse box to turn off just the sockets(leaving all lights working) for both upstairs and downstairs, not including the cooker socket because that should be on it's own dedicated circuit switch/fuse. if 2 then whatever gets switched off with each switch/fuse is whats on that circuit, upstairs or downstairs,etc.


even with 2 socket circuits in your home you can still use these plugs but of course it's more hassle moving from room to room than if you just had a single socket circuit for everywhere because you'd have to move both plugs instead of just the 1 and of course you'd probably need a longer cable to connect one of them to the router while plugged into the 2nd circuit.


are they as good as a straight ethernet cable? then i'd have to say no, but then again they are better than wireless plus you don't have to worry about having an unsightly cable running from the router to wherever you have your pc/laptop.


i've never used any myself so am basing this just on what i've gleaned in the past from the internet and other peoples experience with using such plugs when they had wireless problems.


i'd probably buy from dabs if i needed homeplugs. :- http://www.dabs.com/...,homeplug/11301

or overclockers uk(not the cheapest but their customer support is excellent, in my experience.) :- http://www.overclockers.co.uk/productlist.php?groupid=46&catid=1604

the thing to do is find some that's in your price range then google to find any reviews and what other peoples experiences/recommendations are.




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Also, this is somewhat disconcerting, has anyone else experienced problems with this - is DAB digital radio and would it possibly interfere with your digital TV Box?


HomePlug adapters are often referred to as PLT (Power Line Telecommunication) devices, and shortwave radio enthusiasts claim that they can effectively turns your home into a low-powered transmitter, as your home's mains cabling radiates a low-power "noise" in the band used by short wave radio (2Mhz to 30Mhz).

If you're using a Powerline adapter and you have a radio amateur living two or three doors away, you may be broadcasting noise on a frequency he's using for his hobby. The interference can radiate out around 100 metres. There's also evidence that Powerline adapters can cause interference to FM and DAB radio reception.

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Just one more thing, will D Link power adaptors be ok for a N - Router please?


Terry the other adaptors you spoke of, are somewhat expensive, and would not be suitable as I am in the British Isles - Scotland...


yes the units can be used with any router/switch the N just denotes it's wireless cabability and has nothing to do with the ports where you connect the router to a device with an ethernet cable.


not sure what devices your talking about, my last two links are for british sites where you can buy powerline units.


as for interference to fm dab radio, possible? maybe, likely? i doubt it.

i can't say i've heard of anyone have problems using such plugs and everyone was happy with them.


as for digital tv the answer is no, they won't interfere with that signal.



Try as I might, I couldn't get the Netgear kit to interfere with either my DAB radio or the FM tranny I have in the kitchen. Well-behaving powerline adaptors are 'notched' to prevent them transmitting on used frequencies, and in all instances I've seen of powerline kit causing noise, the receivers have been placed near the adaptor.

http://www.reghardwa...ptor/page2.html Edited by terry1966
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