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.NET update fiasco - do you remember the XP SP2 (3?) fiasco?

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I frantically tried to post yesterday about the Microsoft .NET framework update fiasco. (The Auto Updater kept installing and re-installing yet still said the three important updates had yet to be installed.) Total chaos, frustration and many wasted hours, given that without the updates, PCs all over the world were at risk.


But I couldn't log-on due to password issues, now sorted.


I'm relieved that the problems were eventually resolved but it reminds me of a major Update problem many, many months ago.


It was either the XP SP2 download or SP3. Affected users found they had the dreaded blue screen, sometimes black, with a completely useless PC. I remember coming/posting here for help - I thought that I'd had a major virus attack. But it turned out that the cause was that the update program had been written for those with Pentium chips, that anyone with AMD Athlon had the above problems.


I'm sure there was an article here by a Microsoft MVP who'd discovered the cause, and gave the solution.


Can anyone remember this incident and when it happened? Has anyone any links to this forum showing what happened at the time, please?

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many thanks for this. At the time of the recent .NET fiasco. an expert on another forum was totally rejecting that the .NET problems were the fault of Microsoft - he was blaming something that I had done wrong. He also denied that the SP3/XP/AMD problem had ever happened.


So thank you for restoring my sanity!

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