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I need to replace CA Security Center. What with?


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OK so I have used CA forever, used to be the best, or so I thought.


But within 7 days it's let in 2 things.


I also have spybot s&d ruuning.


I was infected with smart fortress, and then today I've got a fake Adobe Flashplayer warning. I didn't let it install, but actually did a cleanup when I got that and now I have a stupid "x C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Temp\InstallFlashPlayer.exe" window popping up that won't go away. So getting rid of that is my next job. Running CA now, then will do Spybot, then will reboot to safe mode and do all again. I also have malwarebytes from last week's smart fortress issue so will run that too.


Anyway, that aside, what is a good one to replace CA with?

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Thanks Jacee, I did do this last week, I don't think todays Adobe thing is related. Or is it??


But need to know what antivirus is REALLY good!

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